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Verifying license of attorney through CR bar


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Has anyone here ever queried the CR bar association to verify a CR attorney's license to practice law and that they are in good standing (no disciplinary actions taken against them)?


I used their website at http://www.abogados.or.cr/ to submit a form with a request for such information about my attorney but no answer. I'm assuming the form either went into a black hole or that the person who deals with questions through their website will deal with it mañana.


I'm finding out how horrible my Spanish is, now that I am trying to do something more complex than travel so I haven't telephoned the bar. Should I just get someone who speaks Spanish to call them for me? Or have any of you found a way to do it via email or through their website?


I got my attorney through a reference so I'm confident in him, but not yet confident enough to put all my money into his escrow account. On the topic of escrows.... did you folks just use the escrow account of your attorney's firm or did you go with some well-known CR escrow company? What are the well known CR escrow companies? Any info appreciated.



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We may be naive but due to the extra cost we did not use escrow. What we did was find two other couples (who happen to be lawyers in Canada) that had used the attorney that we chose and they spoke very highly of him and how he did business. The lawyer offered us the option of escrow but we chose not to. Everything went off without a hitch, the corporation formed and registered and the land titled to the corporation. My wife works for a real estate lawyer here in Alberta and it was nervous times because of the way land is titled and transferred in Costa Rica compared to Canada. Everything is complete and we are heading down in three weeks to plant trees on the property!

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