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Critical Notice - Aol Users Read Please

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TicoGrande    0

Unfortunately, AOL has a little known and very unpleasant practice. (Actually, they have many, but there's not enough time to discuss them all.)


As of yesterday, nearly all emails from Costa Rica to AOL subscribers are being blocked by AOL.


AOL users will NOT be notified this is happening. They simply will not receive email from the Forum, friends, or family in Costa Rica. This includes emails from ARCR (Casacanada.net).


AOL does this in the name of SPAM blocking, but blocking nearly ALL email from an entire country is somewhat overkill IMHO. The irony, of course, is that more SPAM is SENT from AOL than all other providers together.


In any case, email confirmation to new Forum members (AOL email addresses only) are now blocked. New Forum members will be unable to reply to the confirmation because they will never receive it.


Further, replies to Postings you have made will not be received if you use AOL.


Here is what you can do!


1. Change Internet service Providers now. (Best long term solution) or


2. Get a Yahoo, Hotmail, or other free email service to receive emails from Costa Rica


3. After you do this, or if you already have such an address, go to your Profile and change your email address.


4. If you have recently subscribed and did not receive your confirmation email, send me (webmaster@casacanada.net) an email from your registered email address, and I will add you manually. THEN, go to your profile and update the Profile to your new email address.


5. Write or call AOL and let them know you do NOT appreciate THEM making deciions of what email you can or cannot receive. Hint: I am concerned with Costa Rica... YOU should be thinking what OTHER email they block withour your permission!


We are sorry this is happening. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do.


Regards to all



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