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Nicaragua takes a shellacking at the ICJ

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Great news for Costa Rica, no, not just because of the ruling at the ICJ but that Nicaragua is spinning it as a victory for Nicaragua.



Good news because that is Nicaragua's face saving way of signaling to all involved that Nicaragua intends, at least at this point in time, to abide by the ruling of the court.



Among other things Nicaragua must remove its troops from Isla Calero, but may continue dredging only on the San Juan, not Isla Calero or adjoining canals. Costa Rica may send in environmentalist civilians on to Isla Calero.



Costa Rica's main concerns were addressed which was the Nicaraguan troops and environmental damage. As long as Nicaragua's dredges stay only on the San Juan and don't dump onto Costa Rican land they shouldn't be a problem.

This decision is an appeasement to Ortega alowing him to continue with his dictatorial conduct!!

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