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I am copying this post from another forum, because 'Adriennesgrandma's friend has said it so well.


"Many times she posted on CRL (and this forum) her battle with Ovarian Cancer and tried in any way she could to help members of these panels in any way she could. I met her on this board and we kept in touch even before she was diagnosed. We always stayed in touch and when she would come to Las Vegas to visit her family or receive medical care, she always made it a point to call me. She is very very strongwoman, very level headed and knew that she was not going to beat the "BEAST"

But she told me she would go punching and kicking all the way and she has. She wanted to die in her home in Sarchi with her husband and her dogs. She was hoping to go back home after her treatments of chemo again. That doesn't seem possible at this time and I fear it won't happen. But she is with her husband, daugher, grandchildren and other family.

For those of you that know about her or of her I have some very sad news. I knew when I hadn't heard from her that something was wrong. I asked on this board if anyone had her from her and that was just a couple days ago. Well, today I was able to talk to her husband Larry. He says she is in Hospice/Hospital and in a coma.

So please tonight when you say your prayers, please say one for my dear friend Ronni and her family."


Ronni had a way with words, and she sure made her comments, loud and clear.

She made sure everyone realized that the cancer treatment she needed, as well as others, was not available through CAJA so they must aware and be prepared that they may have to return to their home country for treatment. She also made many aware of the limitations here of the treatment of diabetes.

She made one laugh, at happening that were not really funny, but it was her personality.

She offered us the use of her home to us,when my husband was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and had been advised to stay for some extra days nearer the Clinica Catolica than our home in Guanacaste.


I'll miss her...even though I never 'really knew her'.

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Gentle Forums Members,


I met Ronni some years ago but had known her as 'adriennesgrandma' long before that. We corresponded from time to time. Early on I had asked about Sarchí as an option for where to live and she was very helpful and free with information about the town.


I finally met her and her hubby in Sarchí a little over a year a go when I was searching for a recliner. She wrote and said she had one they were going to eventually sell and I asked for it. I drove to Sarchí and picked it up and we got to visit for a while when I was there.


She has been a real fighter with this cancer thing and she undoubtably has given courage to more people in similar straits than we may ever know.


We will surely miss her voice on the Forums.




Paul M.


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CRL and & Gentle Forums Members,


More sad news.


Ronni Hill passed away last night (Monday/Tuesday). She remained in a coma and never awoke from it. She was not in pain, thankfully.


I will have some more information to post here, hopefully in a a few hours.


She wil be missed.


Paul M.


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Below is the information I promised I would add. The poster on the other site said okay for me to post here an excerpt of part of what she wrote on the other group.


If you have a message of condolences that you would like to send to Ronni's husband, Larry, you may send it care of Dee Dee at her email address below.


With great sadness in the loss of our lovely Forums member, Ronni,


Paul M.



** ** ** ** ** ** **


This morning Larry called me to give me the very sad news that his wife Ronni Hill (adriennesgrandma@yahoo.com) had passed away during the night. He said she never woke up from her coma but was not in pain at that time. We spoke for awhile and there was no way I could take away the pain of his loss or my pain losing my friend. I did tell him that I was receiving a lot of private emails and even open letters on CRL about how Ronni with her kindness touched their life. He said he never went on computers but that Ronni was on hers every day.


She died in Las Vegas and her wish to die in Sarchi in her home with her husband and dogs was not granted. He did say however that she wanted to be cremated and her ashes thrown in Manuel Antonio Reserve and he plans to do that in the future. He told me there was nothing in the States for him and he planned to stay living in their home in Sarchi.


She told me she was going to fight and go out kicking. That is exactly what she did! If anyone wants to send condolences via emails, I can print them and then mail them to Larry since he plans to stay in Las Vegas for about a month. I will hold them for a few days and mail them all together so please send them to me as soon as you can.




Dee Dee Benni <dbenni@yahoo.com>



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