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Social Security Payments for my builder?

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We are starting to build our house in Costa Rica and it has come to our attention that we may not be required to pay social security for our builder, who is essentially an independent contractor. We understand that the determining factor is the "amount of direction and control exerted over the worker". We'll be signing a contract for him to complete the whole house based on plans from our architect, so we believe that we don't exert any control. Except perhaps having him move a window or add a receptacle.


Does anyone have any experience with this? If you could point us to a law or a website it would be helpful.



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Thanks, this feedback is great. We've already paid the INS insurance since it was a requirement to get the plans approved. And we will defintely include verbiage stating the builder's responsibility to pay social security.


This was very helpful. Many thanks!



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If you've paid INS you'll likely be paying the monthly CAJA too, unless that is in the contract.


Those I know who didn't pay someone (e.g. architect, engineer, contractor, other..) a fee to "manage" everything needed to do the monthly payments and reporting themselves. That's monthly trips to INS and CAJA to submit work reports (planilla) plus monthly payments to CAJA.


As recommended above, be sure before you start. I've know some who didn't verify (and the contractor didn't pay INS/CAJA) so they were hit with a big bill after the fact.

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