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we have always scheduled our stay for 90 days and then left to go somewhere for an extended stay like USA or anther vacation place. we were here in july and august. flew home to US and stayed gone until december, never have left just so we can come back. But this time we have to leave for immigration. Please explain. we got here dec 11 and wont leave and fly out til mid april. so its over 90. Do we have to leave for three days (72 hours) or just spend a day or afternoon accross and come back. we are going to go to Panama.


Thank you. I have got mixed information.

I know ARCR will give me correct info.

Thanks in advance




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Since you are apparently members of ARCR and considering that you would be in an 'overstayed situation' by the time you are intending to leave, I would encourage you to contact ARCRs' legal department and get a clear determination of how that might affect you.


They will be able to advise you how best to proceed.


Once you have their comments, it should be helpful to other Forums members were you to post that information here.




Paul M.


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ok, called the ARCR office. Very helpful. She said there should be no problem, that our passport will be stamped. Also she is sending (emailing) us the paperwork needed list to start our Pensionado Temporary residency in June. we will get all required documents while we are in The US in May. Hats off to ARCR. Our friends The Cisells just had ARCR do theirs and they got approved. Cudos ARCR

You ALL rock.


God Bless



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