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I changed "you" to "us".


The information you gave me is very interesting and fascinating.


A while back, I did ask about citizenship for Americans on this forum. I was told that it isn't worth the "hassle" of being under two governments. Also, it is easier for Canadians to have dual citizenship.


If you have a slogan, please feel free to share.


Laura K

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Now I added "naturalization" to my slogan. Appreciate the reminder about Naturalization.


Thank you for the update on dual citizenship for Americans.


I like both of your slogans. How about combining the two slogans? Citizenship and Naturalization; it's a personal choice or Naturalization and Citizenship; it's a personal choice.


You are right. In some cases, citizenship is not a personal choice.


Now I understand why Nicaraguans want to be Costa Rican citizens.


I am learning a lot from you.


Laura K

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A video of you swearing in as a naturalized citizen of Costa Rica would be really nice.


Anyone who wants to be a citizen of Costa Rica better be really sure since they can't changed their mind.


Twice the taxes, etc. is no fun.


Thank you for the additional information.


Laura K

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