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Let us know how it works out for you.


The company I work for (for 2 more months!) has begun offering Rosetta Stone for personal use again. I signed up a couple of weeks ago when it was announced and was supposed to receive download and licensing info the first of this month. So far nothing.

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I heard a lot of great things about Rosetta Stone. As of today, I ordered the Rosetta Stone Program for myself.

I ordered the program from the Rosetta Stone website. This way, they have my account information if I need their help for any reason.

Rosetta Stone

Hola Laurita,


Were you aware of the spanish lessons that Charlene Fertig in Escazú is offering via Skype? These can be geared to one's level of competence.


If you were unaware of this option, here is a contact link:


Learn Spanish by SKYPE





Paul M.


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How about some cost comparisons with Rosetta Stone, i.e. how much does Fluenz or Pimsleur cost, and where can you get it?


We tried the Visual Link Spanish as advertised on the ARCR site, and by some other recommendations.

Its OK, but pretty basic, and makes reference to a book or manual that didn't come with the program. We use it as a supplement to our regular weekly lessons with a Costa Rican instructor.



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I now have Rosetta Stone. I am on Level One Spanish (Latin America). It's all immersion. I am enjoying the program. The only problem I have is with voice recognition. Even at the easiest level I am told I'm not pronouncing most words correctly which lowers my score a lot. I turned off the voice recognition. The good news is I'm understood when I speak Spanish in Costa Rica. I'll let everyone know how my first online studio lesson goes. The games are also a lot of fun. The program is worth every penny.

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My fist online studio session went great with Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America). The only problem I have with the language program is with voice recognition. I can't believe I am pronouncing almost every word wrong. The studio sessions will give me plenty of practice in speaking Spanish. Rosetta World will give me practice in speaking Spanish. I will try Rosetta World. I practice my Spanish with Rosetta stone at least five days a week for at least 30 minutes. Using the "El Foro en Español" Forum will help, too.

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Hola! I have all three and kind of like the Pimsleur program better because it comes in mp3 format and I can practice when walking the dog or in the car on the cd player.

Didn't like Rosetta as much, and Fluenz was ok too. They are good when you can sit down at the computer where as Pimsleur is more mobile.


Still with all three I find it very boring studying by myself and know it will get easier once in country.

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Kenn, Tengo cuarenta y seis años. Luckily, I have found many sympathetic Ticos who put up with my accent. I return the favor and put up with theirs when they practice English. Voice recognition still turned off in Rosetta Stone.


Dana, thank you for the Visual Spanish Link information.


Greg, Rosetta Stone can be used with MP3 players and CDs do come with Rosetta Stone. I agree, practicing Spanish is best when in Costa Rica.

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