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I just want to thank each of you who post and reply on the various ARCR forums. You folks are great.


My wife and I have been doing a lot of research to determine if Costa Rica might be a good retirement country for us, and your posts have really helped a lot.


Here is what we have done or plan to do.

  • Joined ARCR
  • Read many CR sources each day.
  • Visited for one week in October
  • Plan an eight day visit in February 2011 - Will visit San Ramon, Palmares, and Alajuela to determine the best place for us
  • Plan a 90 day visit in June.
  • We will rent, no intention to own
  • Will determine if we want to start residency process after we have been in CR for ninety days.
  • Will make decision to ship car and household goods after we have lived in CR for a while.



  • May not get another 90 day visa after the first one. Forum posts leave me a bit confused on this one.
  • Have seen some of your posts that indicates ARCR does not always reply back to you on a timely basis.


  • Life in CR is not problem free, but the new culture and new experiences can be stimulating
  • If I want life in CR to be like the United States, then I should stay in the United States.
  • Life in CR will be better if I learn Spanish, and base my expectations on the Tico culture, not my native culture.

If there are other things I need to be aware of, then please let me know.


Thanks All

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Boy you sure got smart fast, MY husband and I have lived here 5 years and have learned a great deal. You should rent and then we bought. We live in Sarchi close to Palmarares and Naranjo. Biggest problem is I have terminal cancer and must go to my home town in the states for chemo... the waiting list and types of chemo are not available.here in Costa Rica.. I did spend 3 days this past week in Hospital Catolica and it was not too bad the bill.

their service CAT scans etc is exceptional.... any questions shoot me an email.... Ronni

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Biggest problem is I have terminal cancer and must go to my home town in the states for chemo... the waiting list and types of chemo are not available here in Costa Rica.


I am very sorry to hear this. Dealing with cancer is terrible enough, not to mention the problems inherent with dealing with it in CR. My Tico family is going through this for the second time in 3 years. Find pleasure in life where ever you can.

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My pleasure everyday is my husbands smile and my 3 puppies... I rescued one from the street 4 years ago and she was 5 days pregnant... 62 days later we had 5 puppies.... we kept 2 and found homes for the other 3 after I had them fixed. Life is a present and I love each day. I have fought 3.5 years with this cancer that normally gives a woman 6 months or less.... attitude is all.....

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