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Ist Chilian miner rescued & out 13 minutes ago after 68 days underground. 32 more to go. Just had to comment on this great news.


Carol, thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention. Great news, indeed, when so much of the news is negative. I just watched #10 come up on CNN. What an accomplishment by many people to rescue these miners! CNN is giving this its full focus this morning.

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Watched it last night and turned on CNN again at 5:30am

WOW!!!! They just brought out the 10th miner.

What a feat of not just Canada & the USA mining community but worldwide cooperation.

Not just the expertise of the worlds mining community but also the technology of space travel is being used in this rescue.

Just heard the story about the butterfly.

Apparently, they were travelling in the direction of the collapse when they saw butterflies and they slowed down.

They believe this may have saved them. May never see a butterfly the same again!

It is certainly a powerful and miraculous symbol of worldwide cooperation and the steady hand the Creator....Wish we could always remember this.

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