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All Members MUST read this

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To all Members:


An issue has developed that while irritating before has now become a major problem. Members are not maintaining a current email address in their Member Profile.


While ARCR does not normally do mailings to Members, what does happen is that when a Member Posts, Responds to a Post, or manually marks a topic as one they wish to follow, the Forums software sends out an email any time anyone posts to that followed Forum. If a current email is not used.... guess who gets the returned email??? YUP! ME!


Up until now, I just trashed them, but as our membership has now grown to over 10,000 members, I am getting many dozens of these weekly, sometimes over a hundred. I am tired or trashing them as each still requires that I open and read them.


Therefore, I have added Rule 5 to the Board Rules and Guidelines. See below.


All Members should please go immediately to their profile and update or at least verify that their email is correct.


If you must update:


PLEASE NOTE: You will have to re-activate your account after changing your email address. An email will be sent to the new email address you specify, outlining what you need to do.

*** Proceeding with this action will log you out!! It is therefore strongly recommended that you reset your password before changing your email address if you are unable to remember your password.


I will begin TODAY to suspend these Members, but probably only a few just to test the process. Very soon, within a week, I will be suspending Members daily as I get those returned emails, so CHECK NOW and avoid losing your access to the Forums. I already know it is a PAIN to manually change and re-activate Members... so if this action is taken, it may take some time to get you back online.


PLEASE deal with this now.







5. You are responsible for maintaining a current email address! You may update your email address by logging in, selecting your profile, select EDIT PROFILE then SETTINGS. Any member who fails to maintain this information will be suspended. We will then have to either manually add your new email (a process which may take some time!) or you may have to re-register and request that the accounts be combined which also may take some time (perhaps days or weeks). BE PRO-ACTIVE on this matter to avoid being unable to access the Forum.
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