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Technical aspects of purchasing land


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With some advice from the forum participants, I am now in the process of searching for a lot near Atenas. In preparation for that day when i finally fine one or more candidates, I ma writing to ask how one appraise the quality of a lot. Are there engineers that can help determine of the land is in good enough shape to build a house on? How about legal help for title search and the purchase process. How about the bargaining process?


I would appreciate any information, including names of experts I would need to recruit to help me in this process. Any information about their costs would be nice as well.

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Yes there are engineers to view the land and determine if a structure can be built and if it meets the codes for building. Also laywers can do a search and help you through the entier land purchase ordeal. As far as bargaining, many people (Ticos) here do not seem to have this mind set. Usally it is a firm price, but that reallly depends on who you are dealing with.

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