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buying ready house vs construction


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I know the topic is old but need some refreshment, please.

We are on the budget, say, around 100k.

Trying to decide if it's possible to buy a small decent house on a lot 1500 m2 + , or it could be only Tico style house with tiny rooms and without hot water.

Realtors suggest to buy a good lot and build, but I doubt my patience and builders promises.

Please, advise.

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Totally agree about location. One hundred thousand dollars can buy a nice house, but it really depends on where it is. Are you looking at any particular places?


If you "fall in love" with a piece of property and want to build on it, you don't necessarily need a realtor either to buy the property or build on it -- but -- it is way more complicated to build, of course. As said before, really best just to rent in an area to be sure that is what you want and you will have time to look around.

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Hi Igor.


If we consider the advantages and disadvantages for each choice, we would have the following:


A. About an existing house.


A.1. Advantages:


a.1.1. You know the product the way it is now and the price for buying it. So, you know if the product meets or not your expectations about location, aesthetics and budget.


A.2. Disadvantages:


a.2.1. It is pretty difficult to find a house that meets all those expectations 100%, so there is a possibility you could feel a little ( or a lot) unsatisfied with your decision and sometimes you could feel uncomfortable, too.


a.2.2. The house could have some problems you don´t see, some hidden problems, that could show up once you are living there and, depending on the kind of problem, you could have to invest an extra amount for solving it.


a.2.3. The price you paid could include extra costs, due to factors like a profit the previous owner included plus some commisions to the brokers.



B. Building a new home.


B.1. Advantanges:


b.1.1. You can decide the most of details for your house, in order to satisfy your needs, including aesthatics. The house is done according to your specifications. In Spanish we say: "está hecho a la medida".


b.1.2. Knowing appropriate information about materials and building methods, you can decide certain style and size for your home, according to the money you have to invest. For instance, there is a new product in the market about a roofing system made in plastic, but simulating tile; even it is lighter than metal and tile, it has a long life, it is frendly to the environment (it is a reclying product from banana), it avoids more noise than metal while raining, even those good details, its price in the market is pretty expensive, more than tile and metal; if your main problem is about money, and it usually is, this information would help you to decide for a different system.


b.1.3. If the building process has been normal, and the technical regulations have been followed, your house should be safe and no problems should be found in certain period of time and use. In any case, you can give a good maintenance to your home, avoiding severe problems. The seismic resistance of your home should be for sure, due to the respect of the corresponding technical codes and laws.


b.1.4. You are paying just the real value of building your project, and no extra costs shouldn´t be involved. You should be investing less money than if you buy a similar existing house.


B.2. Disadvantages.


b.2.1. As in a.2.1, it is difficult to find the appropriate lot or property for your project, once again talking about location, climate, price, physical conditions, and if you don´t choose right, you could be investing more money when you build the house, losing what was a good difference in your favor in the lot´s price.


b.2.1. As you commented, Igor, sometimes you won´t have patience to face the project´s process. In CR, this is usually a problem causes by certain builders and contractors. I have commented, in other posts, than some investors have realized they can´t afford their project, once they have started the process, because some people have given partial, quick and easy information, just for closing a building contract, but then these same people show an unwanted surprise when they say than the money is not enough for finishing the work.



My piece of advice is, in any case, you should get an opinion from a professional in the field (architect, engineer, etc), even you are buying an existing house, in order to avoid risks. In the case you decide to build your home, a professional like those would guide you to decide the best for your project, and in many cases, guiding you through the process without (certain) stress and trauma.



Good luck comparing your choices.

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Couldn't find how to PM.




TO SEND A PM . . .


Click on SRORP's name in bold at the upper left corner of any of his messages. That will open his profile.


Then on the lefthand side of his profile you will see an option, "Send me a message." Click on that and a small window titled "Sending a PM to SCORP" will open.


Type in a subject in the Subject field and your message in the Message field. Then click "Send".


That's all there is to it.


Hope this helps!


Paul M.


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