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Containers in Costa rica

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I talked to a shipper about this and his response was the containers here would be more expensive then say those found in US or Canadian ports. The reason is the US and Canada currently have much more import than export resulting in a surplus of decent containers that can be sold. CR on the other hand exports and imports at a closer ratio and good containers are not idle. You can find old ones I'm sure but you don't want to build with them.


As far as exact prices there are two groups I know of here who build "container homes" so you might get some info from them. Just google Costa Rica and ISBU's and they will turn up.


Good Luck... :D


BTW - How do you plan to insulate them from the heat?

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Here is a link to a couple of companies that build container homes in Costa Rica. They also sell just the containers if you want to do all the work yourself. I saw one of their demos at a home show expo in Herredia and it was very posh. They have solutions for insulating them as well.





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