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Forums Upgrade - iPhone iPad App

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Today I completed a large upgrade tot the forums. As with most upgrades, you will not see much difference... but they are there!


Items of interest:


1. Ads


Advertising will soon return to the Forums. I stopped it... or rather the forums stopped ME some months ago. New security issues caused conflicts so I had to remove them. Hopefully, the new ads will be as unobtrusive as before and will not slow the system.


2. Do you use an iPod Touch? iPhone iPad?


You can now download the new App by clicking HERE the iTunes App page.


3. Social Networking


We now support Twitter & Facebook authentication, meaning soon, users can join our board by signing in with their Twitter or Facebook account. They can sync their Twitter profile background with their profile within your community. What's more, status updates made by them can be posted to Twitter and/or Facebook - and their updates from those sites posted to our forums. I am a bit concerned over irrelevant crappola ending up here.... so.... I have not yet turned on this feature as I need to run it by the owner (Ryan) to get his opinions and also talk to my moderators for their feedback.


YOUR feedback is welcome here. Just post your comments below.


4 Mini Profile Popup Wherever you see user_popup.png on the board (which is just about everywhere a member name appears), it can be clicked for a handy mini-profile popup. Send a PM, check reputation or find user content - without needing to leave the current page. I have not tested nor tried this. I have no idea if I have to turn it ON...


Anyway... play around and let me know of any issues or just your comments by posting below.











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TG - I have friends on Facebook who seem to do nothing but change their status all day & night with whatever thought happens to cross their minds. I don't personally use Twitter, but see a ton of Twitter in the Facebook newsfeed since I have friends who do their updates via Twitter. My personal opinion is that it might get to be a bit much by linking that stuff on here.



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