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los pelicanos ocean club

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Hey guys, does anyone know anything about this development? http://lospelicanosoceanclub.com


because I received an email from them and it says they are Costa Rica's first ocean access community. This seems great. Especially, for fishermen (me).

Plus the email said that they are 15 minutes from Manuel Antonio.

I love Costa Rica. My wife and I have been thinking about making an investment.


Any feedback would be appreciated. Let me know what you think.



- Tony.



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I personally would steer clear of it until you do a lot of due dilligence.


Why?... Well, for one they indicate that they have made an accessway to the water thru a mangrove preserve, and removing mangroves is a no-no in CR. The CR Govt. could at sometime come down on them and, at the least, the water access could be lost. Or the whole project coud be condemned. (There recently have been places along the coast -long established ones- which were in violation of how close to the water/median high-tide line they should have been allowed to build. Because they were too close, the Govt recently stepped in and razed one place. One other project that was in violation of regulations was stopped from further development. And still others -could this turn out to be one of them?- put up a great website, take money froom trusting buyers, and then fold up and the backers disappear, leaving behind only one or two completed dwellings and buyers are left with essentially nothing and no practical resourse to recoup their money.)


And very importantly, you need to go physically and inspect it before you plunk down ANY money. I would also strongly enourage you to investigate the background of this project to be sure that they are following all rules and guidelines and that all their permits are legal and in place.


Hire your own attorney to check this out. Don't use theirs to verify anything, another big no-no in CR. You want an attorney who will represent YOU and has no affiliation with this project.


Lastly, if you don't live in CR now you should go and try spending a few months -or longer- living in the country to see if CR is really cut out for you. You won't know that for sure until you try it out for yourself.


And, as an afterthought, this project is a long way from the Central Valley where most of the services and govt offices you will need from time to time are located.


Maybe you have spent time living in CR, or maybe you have been to visit the project, but you must research the background and permits for the project before you invest in it.




Paul M.


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You forgot that you posted, yet somehow had the exact same post? What a coincidence! What a joke!



hahaha NOOOOO.

Sometimes my computer decides to be my enemy. So, whenever I make a post, write a long email,etc....i save it to my desktop just in case it doesn't show up or something.


So therefor, I just copy & paste.

Excuse me for forgetting!

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I have been watching the project from the beginning. It has been at a stand still for atleast 1 year now. There is one house that is completed. The finishes are of very low quality. I have fished in those mangroves with a friend and the fishing is good. But until there start doing some real work I would put any hard money at it.

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