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Anyone try making fruit wines in CR? We make fruit wines here in the US and will be moving to CR soon. Just curious.

There used to be a wine made from maracuyá (passionfruit) in CR, but I don't know if it is still in production. It was, for a time, a while back.


Haven't seen it in the big Mas X Menos in Alajuela next to Cemaco but then I have not actually looked for it recently.


That MxM has a lot of wines, so it might be practical to go there to have a look-see if you are in the area.




Paul M.


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I make many varieties of fruit wines here, from the fruit produced on the farm. There are no supplies ...except the fruit...available in Costa Rica.

Many locals made a Palm (coyol)wine and from a fruit called nance.


I tasted some of the nance fruit wine when I was there. We have made blackberry, cherry, apple, pear and even kiwi wine so I bet we can make others. May have to ship supplies down. Thanks for the info.

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Just for fun, I used Google to search for 'wineries in Costa Rica' and found one link that said:


"Because there is no wine produced in Costa Rica, all wine is imported....",


yet other links seem to point to wineries..


You can spend the rest of this month searching Google for all kinds of trivia. Enjoy!


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What wine makeing supplies are needed inCR.. Yeast, yeast nutrition,acid blind??? Primary fermenters and secondary fermenters????

Can you buy supplies on the internet and have them ship in. If so, what are the shipping cost and import taxes like??

What wine making supplies should we bring from the US??

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There is a small winery in Atenas.

There was a Canadian who bottled wine here from an imported 'concentrated product'. This same man, bottled the Maracuya wine that Paul M mentioned.


Do you mean the one in La Garita? A friend stopped there and said that the wine was not very good, altho he is a spoiled California. But he probably has a point, the local and climate are all wrong for growing good wine grapes.


As for supplies, you would probably have to bring in the fermenters, and then the customs would ask if you are going to be starting a business, and then it would probably get tricky from there.

You really would have to ask a shipper what the costs and import duties would be tho. But if its like bringing anything not for PERSONAL use, probably expensive. And for serious wine making, you might have a hard time convincing customs that it really was for PERSONAL use.


Of course you could always go for the plastic buckets and hoses, with recycled bottles & corks.



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