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Looking for short term (1-2 mo) furnished rental that allows dogs

Keith K

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We are looking for a short term furnished rental 1-2 bedrooms, in a safe, family friendly neighborhood.

Needs to be close to public transportation (as we will not have a car) and within 20 minutes of Hospital Catolica.

Also needs to have Hi-Speed Internet and hot water and accept DOGS, we have 2!

Willing to pay up to $700.



A B&B that accepts dogs.


Time Frame: MAY AND JUNE


Your help and direction would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Thanks CostaRicaFina....we are going to have our baby there, thus the proximity issue.


If you know of any others in a safe neighborhood that is a short taxi drive...that would be helpful...the dogs are posing an issue, there aren't many places that will accept them.

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Hi Keith,


My wife and I just had our little girl at CIMA. We were incredibly impressed with the service and care. We stayed away from Catolica at our doctors strong suggestion. His comments where that Catolica is terribly about communications with the doctor and often times that slows things down because they do not allow the doctor full access to what he might need.


As for the rentals, we too had an issue as we live in Guanacaste, but needed a short term rental in Escazu to be near the hospital. We also have a large dog and two cats. While it isnt the most honest thing to do, I suggest you not mention you only need two months. Go ahead and sign a full lease and then leave after two months. It is perfectly legal and within the limits of the law. The laws here heavily favor the tenant. The downside? You will loose you deposit so make sure you negotiate it as low as possible.


You might want to do some more research regarding Catolica. If you decided CIMA is a better option, there are some GREAT neighborhoods within 5 minutes of the hospital where I imagine you could easily find a rental.

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Thanks! We are using Dr. Paer and he does water births at Catolica. Everyone has their experiences and opinions...but CIMA does seem to come out on top. We don't really care, but we'd like to try a water birth.

My wife has had a C-section before and with CR C-section rates at 80% (!!!!!) this should be a better alternative.


Thank you for the info about rentals....we MAY just HAVE to do that. Don't want to, but definitely need a place to stay.

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We had a VERY similar story regarding the water births. Dr. Paer was our doctor as well, and no matter where you have the baby you will be in great hands with him. He is top notch. We ultimately decided from talking to Paer that the waterbirth wastnt all we though it would be, so that was our reasoning for choosing CIMA over Catolica.

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Well, my hubby didn't have a baby :rolleyes: but I can only tell you that the service provided was suberb. He proved to be a very heavy bleeder, and lost a lot of blood after the op. through the drainage shunt. After, changing the 'bag' many times and measuring the amount of blood loss, the surgeon came back at 9PM, and realized that extra pressure was required to stop the internal bleeding from one of the tiny viens that had been cut and which 'usually' closes very fast. He returned the next morning before 6 am to make sure everything was fine. My husband felt fine with no new blood loss and good blood pressure, so was permitted to use the bathroom. He came out to where I was sitting, saying 'I feel weird' where he collapsed in my arms. Of course, I 'helped' him to the floor not knowing what was happening but thinking the worst and yelled out of the door and within 5 seconds, there was 10 nurses/doctors in the room with crash cart, wheel chair, blood tests being taken to see what was going on. Thank goodness, this was the result of the blood loos and not eating enough so he was at that point, anemic. The surgeon, also returned and stayed in his room for 4 hours. When we went to the hotel attached to the hospital, El Convento since we lived too far from the hospital before he would be well enough for the drive back to Guanacaste, the doctor came there each night to check on him.

You should check Craigs list for private or short term rentals.

We are home now, and would not hesitate to recommend this hospital to anyone.

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