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My wife and I are intersted in retiring to CR. We are currently looking in the central valley (southwest hills) or near San Isadoro de El General. We are planning our first trip to CR and would like some suggestions as to what is the best way to experience CR living. We would like to move near but not in a small town. I'm not interested in a lot of activities or entertainment. We are looking more for the small town familiar with your neighbors feel we remember growing up in the 60's in the states. Suggestions are most welcome!

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Welcome to the forums!


Really, there are a ton of towns that meet your needs. Just plan a trip (six months to a year) and settle anywhere for a while. Then travel around and get to know many locations and climates.


Whatever you do, don't make a permanent move until you have lived here for at least six months and determined CR is for you. Well over 50% who move here leave in their first year... a pretty costly mistake.


Good luck!



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We have a 5 year plan before making the move. within 1 year we will visit for a couple weeks to get a feel as to the country and how it fits our likes. For the next few years we will take longer excursions up to 6 months toward the end before we finally decide. thanks for the advice, it is consistant with what I am hearing elswhere.

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TicoGrande always has good advice! We are approaching our 4th year of our 7 year plan. Not being retired yet, we don't have the luxury of being able to travel for more than a few weeks at a time. But our ideas are basically the same as yours. The first year, we rented a car and traveled from San Jose to Arenal to Guanacaste. Then down to Puerto Jimenez, and back up to San Isidro de General. All in the dry season. This gave us an overall exposer to most of the country. Realizing that driving was a good experience, but not wishing to do it again (you'll see why), the next year we took the boat to Tortuguero, then flew to Guanacaste. This is the place we decided to stay, as it has (in our opinion) the best climate, and not far from Liberia. Now the problem was where in Guanacaste? The third year we traveled to Montezuma for the entire two weeks. Realizing this was so far the most beutiful area, but it was too far from a major town (Cobano is O.K., but not that big, and only has a clinica). This next year will be Coco, since it's close to Liberia and the airport (we need to be near the beach). If we decide this is the area, we will next spend two weeks in the green season, looking for a rental while we're there, as we will rent for 6 months first (taking TicoGrande's advice).



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