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I actually use AM Costa Rica's daily link, which is found on their first page and goes to all the banks while being updated throughout the day. Sometimes I go directly to a bank web site. It's pretty simple, although I have stood in line at a bank long enough to have the exchange rate drop on me. Now, that sucks.

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If I need a conversion chart I use XEuniversal currency converter. It is simple and straight forward.

However, for my day to day purposes, ie: shopping I simply double the colones.


Since there is little difference, in the exchange rate, between CDN & US currencies at this time I am close enough for daily requirements.

If someone gives me a USD price, I ask for the colones. After 3 months here, I find it easier to use and prefer working with people in Colones.

It is the Tico way! Live here, use the local currency.


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