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Fairly Young - Don't Want To Miss Out

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My wife and I are 38 years old and have a 2 year old. We are worker bees in Dallas, TX and the two make just over 100k together, but spend it all just like most Americans. I seriously need to escape this country and its rat race, but will assuredly have to wait a decade or two. I want to do what I can to come see CR and see if it works for us, which after reading a lot and watching a lot of videos I think it will. We will own our home in 9 more years and I want to know if you have any recommendations to get in on the market now if I can and if that means just buying some land or whatever.


I don;t want to miss out on a good opportunity to find a good retirement before it is gone and I am stuck in this dying country.

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You can buy property or houses here without the need to become a resident, however I caution you to take your time, spend some time in the country, travel around the country, see where you will eventually want to retire and than think about it some more, who will take care of house when you are not here, pay your bills, etc. You are not going to miss out on anyting, land, houses etc. will all still be here in years to come.

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Hi Scott -

We quit at 43, so it *can* be done! For normal living (not working, so not having those associated expenses; nothing fancy, but not feeling deprived), we spend less than half what we spent in the SF bay area (certainly an expensive part of the world). We rent (have been, in different places, for 3 years) and don't have a car. Occasionally, I am tempted to get a car, and sometimes I think it would be nice to own our apartment - my husband is not tempted in the least.

don't give up,


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True, do NOT rush into buying. There are many scams out there. But you may also find that that undeveloped land is undevelopable because there are restrictions on it, no clear title, no utilities, etc, so may be impossible to resell.


So don't rush, the land will still be here, because of the economic & financial problems, prices are not going up as quickly as they were.

Come & rent first and go looking, with a good, trustworthy guide.



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I was 28 when I moved to CR. Not the norm, but I don't regret it in the least. I had lots of family here, so the move was not as terrible for myself or my husband. Take your time, come and visit and check out as many areas as you can. What you read and what you feel about a place may be very different once you see it for yourself.


Best of luck. Becky

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