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Legal question about children

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My girl friends son went down to CR with is Tica wife who is now an American citizen, they got into a fight and now she says she is staying in CR with the children a boy three and a girl six. Both of the kids were born state side, he is does not know what to do and says he is not coming back up without the children. She took and hid the kids passports and the plane tickets, this morning she gave him back his passport and the tickets. But her family is not allowing him on the property them being locals and very well connected had the police speak with him. He as I type is on his way to the US embassy to see what can be done. Any input always appreciated.



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Man, sounds like a real mess. The only thing I can tell you is that there needs to be due process, you just can't take the kids away from another parent without due process, I don't think even in Costa Rica. I think going to the embassy is wise and also getting an attorney may be necessary. I wish the best to your girlfriend's son Your girlfriend's son definently needs legal advise and assistance.

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My guess is that the Tica wife knew what she was doing and that congressional intervention may not be enough. The flip side of machismo is that women have all rights in domestic disputes here, men none, and mothers are queens. Courts regularly simply take the mother's word in these matters, while forcing the guy to prove his case and then dismissing the proof. It is a cultural fog here, and very hard to cut through. I say that mom ends up with the kids, and the absolute best case is that the dad gets limited visitation after documenting that he paid child support in full. And he better pay, plus document that he paid (there are legal ways to do this), because he wouldn't be the first guy to end up in jail for not having documentation of payments. It's a stacked deck, and her being a US citizen is irrelevant. She's Tica in Ticaland, and that's all she needs. His being a US citizen however hurts him. The Ticos look at this and see $$$. He's going to pay and not win. Actually, he might have a better chance going through a US court, although the Ticos have a habit of not paying attention to these in domestic matters. Basically, they think they're right, and "know" from the outset that the dad is a louse while the mother is a queen.


More practically, the best way to resolve these matters is by using a lawyer and getting an out-of-court settlement. He'll pay and she'll win, but often there is a cash amount that can be negotiated to make the best of a bad situation.


Please report what happens. I'm curious. I have never heard of a case like this in which the guy ended up getting a fair shake. I would like to hear of one.

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