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Hold on a minute. First, trust no one who is a Fulbright scholar. They come down here with an agenda, then lead very affluent lives. You might as well ask the US Ambassador's opinion. Second, claro que si, domestic violence is huge here. However, slow down before you assume that it is always macho guys beating up defenseless damsels. That happens, and far too often, but it also happens that the defenseless damsels sometimes "anticipate" the abuse and "retaliate" before it occurs. This is where it gets sick. So if she felt that he was going to hit her, was she entitled to pour the pot of boiling water over him before he did? It's a mess in the real world. Then, go figure, CR has some seriously misguided quasi-feminists who write and pass laws that completely favor the woman. All a woman has to do is call 911 and claim violence, emotional or physical, and she is legally believed while the guy goes to jail. No proof is required. In reality, guys then have to hire lawyers to bribe the woman into dropping the charges, after she has stolen or sold whatever she could from his house. It's a very twisted situation all the way around. Some women really are abused, but others use the law as a license to steal.


I invited a woman who seemed nice into my house, and as soon as she was inside she asked for $200 and said that if I didn't produce it she would call the police and claim violence. Hello? I explained that there must have been a misunderstanding and asked her to leave, handing her cab fare. She refused to leave. Well, guess what I did? I physically picked her up and deposited her on the front porch, then slammed the door. I didn't hit her, didn't knock her down, didn't bruise her, and didn't even insult her. I just got the scam artist out of my house. In the US, touching her at all (picking her up and putting her on the porch) would have been battery, and would have given her a claim to abuse, and maybe the law is the same here, I don't know. But what do you do when a woman tries to extort money and refuses to leave? Mind, I know hookers--I'm far from clueless--but this woman was not plying that trade while instead flat-out trying to extort me.


So, take this abuse stuff with a grain of salt. Sure, it happens, and that is the really sad thing, but there are a set of women who use the law for their own gain, some of them gringas. The idiotic quasi-feminists are giving gringas refugee status here after they abduct children in violation of US court orders and allege abuse that was never proven in US courts. Thank God the US is finally granting refugee status to abused Latinas.


Abuse is always a very messy situation, and it happens here a lot. But you really have to be careful before you jump to conclusions. Some women are abused, others use laws against abuse to steal. It's a mess.

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