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Happy Birthday to US!

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TicoGrande    0

We made it!


The ARCR Forums are today celebrating a first birthday.


In that time, we have grown to be THE place on the Internet for people to learn about this country.


Interesting Stats!


Our members have made a total of 1,403 posts


We have 440 registered members


Over 16,000 NEW visitors visit our site each month.


MOST are happy, except when I make political statements :)


Thanks to all our Members and to our visitors for making this a great stopping point on the way to Living in Costa Rica!



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curahee    0

Well...happy birthday El Grande :D You sure do look more than one year old though. Anyway, I'm not sure how many appreciate this forum but it sure is a breath of fresh air over the endless searching of info out there in the hinterland.

Thank you (and all) for setting this up for us.



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