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Eleanor, the main thing you said, "Could you do it today? Maybe but probably not" is true.

Nearly 10 years ago, at our first place, all the guys arrived on their bikes, and the first thing they did was construct a wooden ladder.

We never got a permit either, since we were 'renovating' and was told we didn't need one since was a renovation, and that was fine... until the architect we hadn't chosen (and had ripped us off) and his father who had tried to sell us a very narrow strip of land for much more than the 8 Acres we did buy, that had this old Tico house we had purchased to join with our existing property that we had been sold earlier with the understanding that it had power, but didn't, and he complained to the 'powers that be'. The inspector actually apologized, for these two, and so, after the fact, we got the permit.

If one was going to build 'a simple house' and had the knowledge that you had, but now it seems, everyone want 'more' with high speed internet, so nowadays, it would be very difficult to do this. But, out in the rural areas, who knows...?

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