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and i thought you ment the MSNBC of CR. You know with the announcer that said he will do whatever it takes to make Barrack Hussien Obama's presidency successfull. The station selling Obama's YES WE DID and WE BROUGHT CHANGE bumper stickers on their website. The one silent about ACORN's pimp business and green czar Van Jones signed statement that the US govt orchestrated the 9-11 terrorist attack (they're still investigating). CNC=Clinton News Network

in my opinion


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At least Fox makes some attempt at providing both sides.




There must be some strange transformation of Fox programming when viewed from Costa Rica, as TG clearly is a model of critical thinking and discernment. ;)


Come on TG - are you Trolling?


The above statement has NEVER applied to Fox as known and loved in the States.




Would a true neo-con tolerate anything that offers ideological balance and moderation?

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I feel obligated to provide my non-disclosure statement.

I do not now own a television, have not for years nor do i watch TV unless traveling for business.

I served 4yrs in US ARMY, some of that time during Vietnam Conflict and so very patriotic to one country under God.

end of statement.

The terrorist attack at Ft. Hood (spent 2yr there) breaks my heart. This be 2nd terrorist attack in USA this year (none b4 that since 9/11/01.

I wonder if first terrorist attack was ever covered by TV?


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Trolling? Nope. Just MHO.


I actually watch both, but it is quite clear that Fox at least tries to present both sides. I do agree they are more conservative, but nowhere near as far right as CNN and MSNBC are left. I almost NEVER see anyone defending a conservative position on CNN or presenting the "other" side but I DO see the opposition telling their viewpoint on FOX..


Oh wait!!! I am wrong! They did have Jesse Ventura on the other night along with James Carville (on Larry King) for a brilliant and unbiased political discussion!! ROFL!


I always enjoyed Lou Dobbs (CNN) until he got fired last week for wanting tighter controls on illegal immigration. Funny, he was considered OK when he roasted George W every night last year!!! Now, everyone at CNN is on board spouting the Ted Turner company line. I wonder if CNN even knows there may be TWO sides to the illegal immigration issue.


Was it just last night that we were treated to about 2 hours of a STATE DINNER given by Obama??? Makes me think back to the extensive coverage given when Ford, Clinton, Reagan, Bush etc gave their many dozens of state dinners.... oh wait!! There WAS no coverage was there???? Just the normal mention that one was being held or was held. Apparently last night was very special though I am not at all sure why! LOL!!


I also think back to the perhaps 8 hours of coverage the day Michael Jackson died! VERY newsworthy! Sad they just happened to leave out completely one other "minor" news item.... that was the day the US transferred all military responsibility to the Iraqi government! Not a word.....


I realize this post will fall on deaf ears as those who are loyal CNN fans really have no desire to face reality, but I thought I'd throw this out for those who DO want to know both sides before they make up their minds on important issues.



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