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Renting in Costa Rica


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For those of you considering renting in Costa Rica, there is an article on the front page of the November 9, 2009 issue of AM Costa Rica which includes a link to the CR Rental Laws. These laws are important for the prospective renter to familiarize him/herself with to avoid being treated unfairly by the occssional unscrupulous landlord.


For an english version of this law I would recommend getting a copy of "The Legal Guide To Costa Rica" by Roger A. Peterson. Copies are available at the ARCR offices in Casa Canada in San José, several of the bookstores in SJ or Alajuela (Goodlight Books) or online from Amazon.com. The book is retailing for around $20US. This book is updated periodically and the most recent edition as of this writing appears to be June '09.


Hope this is useful for you.




Paul M.


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