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Can my CR wife get a US tourist visa if I have already applied for her

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I need to know if my wife as of July 11th 09 who is in CR can come on a tourist visa if i have applied for I130 and I-129f and am waiting still. A women from the Us consolate in CR told me CR people can only have one visa at a time then she told me that its possible but it might seem contradictory to the other visa's, which is dumb because were obviously being honest about her migrating to the US, and her tie is that she has to be in CR to finish the K3.


Thanks everyone,



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Once you apply for permanent residency through marriage in the U.S., the applicant may not enter the country, unless they are already on a tourist visa and present in country.

You may apply for advanced parole, which will enable her to enter the country while waiting for a visa but it is not guaranteed and is always subject to the discretion of the immigration officer.

I went through this with a Canadian wife and we thought of advanced parole but it was not worth the time and trouble. Her permanent residency was approved in 4 months and she was in the States already.



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i had just recently tried to get a travel visa for my CR wife to attend my mothers funeral and was told unless I have recidentcy here and a job she will not be approved as the beleive that we would not return to CR. If you have applied for a permenent visa then forget about trying to get a travel visa..

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