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beach front - maritime law


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I am looking to hear advice/experience with anyone owning a house on the beach, with the maritime law... and do you have concession or not, and do you have the 25 year lease?

I am looking for good or bad stories about this. It is tricky since you can't have the actual title, but it is cheaper than buying beach front in Hawaii...

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A concession is basically a lease agreement with the corresponding municipality. Not in all cases, the term of the concession is 25 years so you should pull a title report from the registry to make sure the expiration date.

Before buying a concession, my recommendation is to perform a very detailed due diligence:

1) Pull a title report of the concession land form the registry. From this document you can get more information and move forward with the due diligence.

2) Review of the zoning plan of the place wherein the concession is located. If the concession that you are planning to buy is within the residential area per the zoning plan, you must follow certain rules about density, building height, footprint, setbacks, etc.

3) Review the terms and conditions of the concession contract and its amendments. This is very important because you can see the rules of the game (commitments, fees, deadlines, etc. of the concession)

4) It is recommendable to review the concession before the maritime zone of the corresponding municipality to make sure that the concession does have any problems and that fee (canon) are up to date.

5) If you are buying a concession thru a corporation, please keep in mind the limitations in regards to the ownership established by the maritime law.


I hope this may be useful for you. Thanks.

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I was hoping there would be more feedback on this post.

What was offered was excellent advice. It covers most of what you will need to know about owning a place on the beach.


Unless there is something else you were asking that was not speciified, and the only thing I can think of would be the new taxing surcharges applied to homses/properties over a certain value which I saw posted on another site. I'm copying it here for you, with no sourcing, which I do not have.


Here is a table showing the tax rate on

residential units appraised at 100 million colones and above:


Property Value Tax Rates


From ¢100,000,000.00 to ¢250,000,000.00



From ¢250,000,000.00 to $500,000,000.00



From ¢500,000,000.00 to $750,000,000.00



From ¢750,000,000.00 to ¢1,000,000,000.00



From ¢1,000,000,000,00 to ¢1,250,000,000.00



From ¢1,250,000,000,00 to ¢1,500,000,000.00



¢1,500,000,000.00 and above…



This was gotten somewhere (I don't know where exactly), from CR Tax Law, and the poster is an unusually impeccable source, IMO.


FWIW you may find these figures useful for your consideration for buying beach property.




Paul M.


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From my experience there isn't a lot of "Concession" beachfront property because the area has not been properly

"Zoned" (for lack of a better word) in a particular area. In that case you can receive a Uso de suelo, or Use of Soil from the Municipal. You can probably build or upgrade an existing structure as long as it isn't in the 50 meter zone.

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It wasn't just good advice, it was great advice!


Personally, I think you are just asking for trouble. Unless you have been here for a long time and you have a solid network around you that you know you can trust, you are just asking to get ripped off. You might as well tatoo the words "screw me" on your forehead . It sounds like I am kidding but I am not. There are thousands of con artists laying in wait for people just like you.


People that are new here are extremely vulnerable to getting ripped off, primarily because they don't have a trustworthy network around them. The best advice that has been repeated on this board more time than anyone can count is: "Don't be in a hurry to do something stupid"


What you are talking about getting into is very complex and it is especially NOT for someone that is just moving here.

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