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Problems with our new house and farm in CR

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If you want a manager to live/caretake your property, one must provide accommodation for them not 'Help them build a conservative tico house toward the front of the property'

Why would anyone build their home, Tico or Gringo, at their expense on land belonging to someone else?

While I understand 'bringing someone in' who will then have no 'friends' in the immediate area, but then, family and extended family means a great deal here, and chances are, they won't stay.

And if you are an 'absentee landlord' how can they hire/fire when the expected seasonal worker doesn't show up when expected?

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We have a large farm in the Ojochal area. I have a few questions concerning this.. We think maybe using the help of the expat community maybe a source of help in multiple issues we have come across, so I'll try to shoot a few questions to you here.


First, the farm is being maintained by a manager who is asking 500 dollars for his salary per month and 300 dollars for salary for 2-3 other workers per month each. The fees outside the salary (roughly $700) are for gas bill for a truck we purchased, pesticide, among the other expenses the maintenance means. I was hoping to get an idea about what exactly one can expect for this type of endeavor. Are these expenses excessive from your experience?


Second, The house was completed after 2.5 years and a hefty cost. The final cost of the house was 3 times the initial estimate. There are many things wrong with the house, that we are disappointed with. The builder who charged excessive fees to complete this project over the last few years says these are not his problem and would need to be paid to do the extra work. I was wondering if anyone knows how to deal with this situation. We are very unhappy of the unfinished project of our house and want to know what steps we can take. Are there any legal representatives that we can use that you can recommend? You think this is the correct route? What issues can you see us having if we persue this? I was also hoping to get any type of general contact information on dealing with problems with building in the South Pacific. This is my first attempt to get some outside help with the expat community and hope through your experiences you can give me some much needed advice.


Thank you, S




Hey there!

Wow, what a horrible experience you are going thru!

Well, my family and I are property managers for many families in the Lake Arenal Area, and we have to show bills for everything we get for the houses and properties we take care of, and also we signed a contract for our services every year, on which we establish the monthly fee we will get and all that.

We have also done 2 constructions of homes while the owners are away and of course there is a contract with the engineer in charge of the construction. With that contract you can go to the Costa Rican engineer bar and get some answers and directions on what to do and how to solve the problems.

In the contracts we have done with the engineers there is the time table of building and also the final price of the construction, I hope you have something similar to this.

I can not tell you if what you are paying as salaries is too much because it depends on how big is the property and how many people you have working there.

I wish you the best of luck with all this, do not be sad, you will find a solution for your problems, check your contract if you have one and try to solve all this with the contractor or engineer before you take legal actions, anyway the law will be on your side.

Again, best of luck!!!

Laura Mora, Arenal Lake.

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