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Hi Laura!


Thank you for the b'day wishes back a while ago! - didnt PM back as for some reason PM didn't work for me at the time.


I think it may be that traditionally, Costa Ricans, when looking northward to resettle (as an alternative to Western Europe, where many also have gone in the past to study) have either looked at L.A. or New York. Historically, New York City and environs have been a job creation engine and have been at the economic center for new immigrants with its neighborhoods, shops, and gateway status (think Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island). The growth of important cities like Atlanta, just to name one, is relatively recent. Bayonne is very close to Manhattan (30 min) and so in NJ in general. NJ has been an economically strong state in general too. Right here in Jersey, there's a number of towns with a substantial numober of Costa Ricans. Somerville, Bound Brook, just to name a few.

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You're so welcome for the birthday wishes.


Thank you for explaining to me why Costa Ricans in general prefer New Jersey.


I'm not sure how many Costa Ricans live in Las Vegas. I've lived in Henderson, Nevada since 1998 (from Los Angeles) and I've never met a Costa Rican in Nevada or California even though I know Costa Ricans do exist in these states.


I'm sure most Costa Ricans who live in the USA really miss Costa Rica. I can understand why.


Laura K

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There is a Tica that works in one of my local banks in the US. She is married to a US citizen. They are young, in their 30's, so I think that financially it works out better for them to live here. She sends money to her mom in CR and they visit a couple of times each year.

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My tica novia says that living in the US (NorCal) is generally safer, i.e., far less concern about being robbed, more comfortable, many more good jobs, and there are many recreational activities in the US like cycling and skiing that aren't available in CR. Ideally, she would like to live part of the year in CR.

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