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Opinions on 9-11 hearings, Iraq,

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Just some of MY thoughts. Originally in reponse to a post by Lawrence in the presidential poll link, but I need to rant.


I wish I had the opportunity to see all of it (the Rice testimony)... I had an appointment and missed much, but the 'replays' I saw later in the day were, in my opinion, nothing more than a bunch of pols (politicians) simply trying to exercise their own agenda. The Dems attacked, the Republicans trod more lightly.


What a crock these hearings are!!


How sad we simply HAD to turn the worse tragedy in US history into a politically motivated charade! Both parties should hang their heads in shame!


This whole thing has NOTHING to do with Bush, Kerry, Clinton, Bush I, Nixon or anyone else. The blame goes back DECADES and has EVERYTHING to do with budgets and bureaucracy and nothing to do with the Pols who were in office at the time except that every one of them lacked vision and foresight.


Everyone seems to forget that ALL Presidents and their toadies are TEMPS! Part time labor hired for the short term. The REAL employees are the life long civil servants.


For a long as I can remember, the FBI, Immigration, Secret Service, CIA, DIA, DSA and maybe some others not as well known, have fought like crazy to carve out their own turf. This even included local police departments! Each had to justify their budget. Each had to 'look good'. Secrets were NEVER shared under ANY administration. Nobody talked to anybody about anything because to do so might give another agency an upper hand that could come back later to bite them in the butt come budget time. Every administration since TRUMAN allowed and perhaps even tacitly encouraged this behavior.


I DID watch nearly every minute of these hearings except for Rice, and I have learned NOTHING that was not known a year ago... at least nothing of import.


Of COURSE 9-11 was avoidable, but nobody communicated because that was the way things were. People who certainly WOULD have done something never had all the info. Does anyone REALLY think Rice would have sat on her hands if she was presented with ALL the combined intel from all these agencies? I sure do not.


So Bush creates Homeland Security. A BRILLIANT idea that SHOULD have been done THIRTY years ago (or anytime since then by ANY President, regardless of party).


It FORCED all these agencies to communicate and share data, something that adequate leadership SHOULD have encouraged under every administration. Anybody know of ANY successful organization that does not engender and encourage teamwork??? I sure don't.


I don't particularly congratulate Bush on this. He did it because he was forced to do it and ONLY because 9-11 was on his watch. If Gore was President, HE'd have had to do it. Anybody would!


I am not thrilled with some of the loss of some of the individual freedoms or rights that we are facing, but I understand and support them. Things have changed since we forged a Constitution. Back then, the "right to bear arms' meant a flintlock and not an AK47 and meant you could protect family and home against those who would do you harm. Yes, things have changed.


An enlightened President of ANY party, would have seen how the world was changing... getting smaller, with a ton of goofy folks running around telling us theirs is the only way of life. ANY President could have created a forerunner to Homeland Security, and exercised leadership to encourage inter-agency communications and cooperation. They did not.


We were arrogant because we were 'untouchable and powerful'. We found out that we were actually very touchable and seemingly powerless. So maybe now we are fixing what was broken. I hope so.


Since I am on this rant, I think I’ll give my thoughts on Iraq. I HATE this situation! I wish we were out of there, but the US is the ‘big man’ of the world. Whether there were actually weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) or not does not bother me. Somebody had to do something and we did. Now we’re stuck. Sad.


I compare the US to a tall, powerful man walking down the street and seeing a young woman being sexually attacked.


That man has four choices that I can see. He can:


1. Participate in and enjoy the rape.


2. Just stand there and watch the rape.


3. Turn his back and walk safely away.


4. Use his power and strength to stop the rape, even at a risk to his own life.


(No, he can’t summon help because he is the biggest and the strongest, and there IS no world police department!)


It is a sad commentary that the world court of opinion criticizes the US for doing number four.


Was the correct solution number 1, 2, or 3? Geez, I don’t know. My gut tells me no. My gut tells me that the big strong country MUST come to the aid of others when there is such an obvious violation or human rights and conditions. WMD’s simply do not enter into it for me. Sadaam’s behavior was sufficient.


With strength and power comes responsibility. What would YOU personally think about the man above who chose number 1, 2, or 3?


Thirty-four years ago, a Canadian named Gordon Sinclair went on the radio and spoke about the United States. I listened to that broadcast again this morning and it hit me just as hard as when I first heard it. I suggest that it is worth listening to, and if you would like to do so, click here.


It might make you feel good again about being a citizen of the United States of America.



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Hi Joe,


I appreciate your comments, but you are incorrect.


There are a total of TEN Forums in the ARCR Forums. Each Forum has different content and a different target audience. Some are for Moving to Costa Rica, other for Residency, another is Technical, etc.


THIS Forum, the one I used and the one that you responded to is clearly marked:


Open Forum - Topics NOT specifially related to Life in Costa Rica

This is the Forum to post subjects of general interest to other Members, especially subjects pertaining to family, politics, chit-chat, humor, or any other subject NOT covered in the Life in Costa Rica Forums. In other words, this is the "Catch-All" Forum!


Please make sure your posts here will NOT be useful to visitors or Members interested in living or visiting Costa Rica. If they would be of interest, please post to the applicable Forum.


Because discussions in this Forum may become "spirited", we caution Members NOT to be abusive, rude, use profanity, or call other Members names. Abuse of this policy will result in immediate suspension from the Forums. Have fun here!


Please note especially the words, "...subjects pertaining to family, politics, chit-chat, humor, ..."


In other words THIS is the Forum all Members may use to publish 'their half-baked political ideas'. We WANT that here!


BTW, my ideas are fully baked! :)


If your personal interests do not extend to any of the subjects listed in this Forum's description, please just read those Forums that ARE of interest to you and skip this one.


This Forum is now and will be in the furture for ANYONE wishing to discuss ANYTHING that is NOT better suited to one of the other ARCR Forums.


Thanks for writing!




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I'm with you on this one - let the rants roar!


And speaking thereof ...


You said,


"That man has four choices that I can see. He can:


1. Participate in and enjoy the rape.


2. Just stand there and watch the rape.


3. Turn his back and walk safely away.


4. Use his power and strength to stop the rape, even at a risk to his own life."


As far as No. 1 and No. 2 go, the U.S. did those for years as Saddam raped his country while we enjoyed the oil he let us haul away. We didn't seem to have a problem with him as long as he was OUR dictator. It was when he began to act independently, i.e., by challenging another of our dictators in Kuwait, that we suddenly got concerned.


Might there have been another option - say, No. 5? We could have WORK WITH our allies, all those folks who were totally sympathetic to the U.S. after 9/11, and TOGETHER confronted the challenge of Iraq and terriorism (which were not the same thing, by the way, or has that simple fact escaped notice?). There may not be an international police force, but that doesn't mean anyone that U.S. to appoint themselves as that police force. How do YOU spell a-r-r-o-g-a-n-t?


The Iraq War is nothing more than a case of a good-ol-boy avenging his father. Meanwhile, are you feeling safer yet?


Now I would like to add a few words about the "benefits of homosexuality":


No. 1 - a decrease in over-population. (one might call it "nature's birth control", eh?)


No. 2 - less of a need for all of us to provide for more schools, welfare, housing, crowded highways, etc.


No. 3 - easier to wear your partners clothes without causing the neighbors to gawk.

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Oh Geez Dennis!


Now you've gone and done it! You played the "gay card". This is exactly what pepe predicted!! :D


Seriously, you make some good (and valid) points in your response., though as I understand it, there was a time early in Sadaam's regime where he was actually NOT "bad" dictator and made some vast improvements to Iraq. Do you (or anyone) know if that is true?


It was later in his career that he seemed to go over the top. I could be wrong on this, but I think that this corrrect. Saying that, I have no idea of the timelines or whether he was in his nasty mode or good mode when we (the US) were his buddies.


Thanks for your input and for your support.



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Hello everyone and to PEP4136


I am new to these forms and this is only my second comment, but when I read the comment by pep4136 I wanted to add my opinion. If I offend anybody I am sorry.


Whoever you are pep4136, I am so glad you asked Ticogran to remove you. I hope he did, but since your comment is still there, maybe he didn't. Though we are new here, I think this will be a much better form without you in it.


Everything i have read in these forms has been helpful to me and my wife and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the time and effort that must go in to this. As I understand it, this form is one for comments about anything not having to do with the other forms. I do not know where this pepe person gets off telling somebody how to run their form or worse telling people they do not have the right to say anything they want in it.


Are you some kind of Nazi Pepe? Free speech is not something to be stopped.


I have been a teacher for 34 years and I spent many years encouraging my kids to talk freely and then you come along with your comment telling people what to think and what to say.


Good riddance to bad rubbish!


And to Ryan Piercy. We are currently visiting Costa Rica and we will be here for 2 more weeks. Before we leave, we will be joining ARCR. We appreciate what you have done here and we hope you will continue your fine efforts.



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Hi crdream and welcome to the Forums.


Thanks to you too for the support.


There have always been and I guess always will be folks who just want suppress speech and opinion. What amazed me is that he WOULD have had a point if either the orginal message or my reply had been posted to one of the other NINE forums... but this one was created so folks could chat, meet other people, have discussions on just about any non x-rated topic, and generally just say what they want.


Funny thing is that it has been our least popular Forum and that is why I started the Presidential Poll... just to kind of spur interchange.


Anyway, welcome to Costa Rica and I hope you and your family have a wonderful experience living here!



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