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Hi there!!, I don t know if im right or not, but I think home schooling is not really approved by the "Ministerio de Educacion" (and main head for education in C.R), so is maybe is a reason you may don t find to much or not people about doing, this I don t know. Im from Costa Rica (but living in USA), and we I moved here and hear people talking about home schooling I was like " :blink: "WHAT?!" I didnt know you can teach your child in your home!!, things are kinda different here and there, I don t know if be a concern if you are planning live there for the rest of your life and your kids are planning going to college there, because I don t know if they can accept the Home Schooling degree (I don t know how explain with my english), I don t know if the things are changing there now, but I know when I enroll in the University the "Diploma de bachillerato from Ministerio de Educacion" was the main paper for enroll.


Maybe you can find out more info with Ministerio de Educacion about it, or maybe there is some groups from US people doing home schooling in Costa Rica good luck!!, is good you are going to teach your kids!!; lucky you moving to CR!!, what area you are planning to live?, Im from Heredia, I like it!, well I like my country!!.


Good luck, and Pura Vida! ;)

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Good to hear from you.


We are hoping to live in Costa Rica for good. May it work out this way for us.


Our son can attend college in the USA if he would like.


In the USA and Canada, home schooling is common these days.


Thank you for your support.


We are considering Heredia as a place to live. It's nice that you're from Heredia.


Where do you live in the USA?


We live in Henderson, Nevada.


Laura K

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Im living in North Kansas city (missouri), Im living in here for 6 years, and 2 years in Nebraska (my first 2 years in USA), my husband is "gringo" and Im "tica", we have two precious girls they are 4.5 old and 2 year old. I like this country, but now and missing a lot my country, I just wish my girls can live in C.R, and learn how different is the life there, and have my family really close to them, right now is not anyway we are moving there, but maybe some time my husband decide to move there, but of course having a good job there. He have good job here, he always is traveling around the world (is how he meet me ;) ).


How you and your family decide to move to C.R?, you visit my country before?.


Let me know if you want me to write in spanish. ;) (so you can practice more)

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I hope you and your family get to live in Costa Rica since that is your wish.


It's nice how you and your husband met.


So far, we have visited Costa Rica 3 times (2007, 2008, and 2009).


We plan to move to Costa Rica in 2010.


I would love to chat with you in Spanish. Thank goodness for private email and the Forum in Spanish.


So far, I've never met a Costa Rican living in the USA...until now.


Laura K

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