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Laura, are you referencing to the video/telephone computer software? If so, I didn't know Skype sells hardware. Their software can be downloaded online and it is free for video internet communications. I got it during my June trip to CR and then also installed it here at my home in Richmond. It is going to be a cool way of helping my daughter with her English homework while I'm in Richmond. Best, Richard

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On the Skype site there is a 'shopping' tab where they present different brands of Skype-compatible phones, head-sets, etc. that one can buy. While it's a courtesy to show Skype customers these items, Skype surely makes some profit from offering them on its website.


Paul M.


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No doubt there is profit to be had on hardware from Skype. While in CR this past June, I went over to Office Max (or maybe Office Depot--I can never remember which it is) and bought a "Microsoft" video cam (they had a nice selection) for my baby's mother, gave her 5.000 colinies to have her English techer (a computer nerd) come over and hook it up, and left funds for her to add on to the TV cable an Internet service. Then, when I got back to Richmond, I bought a Logitech Pro 9000 for my computer. As soon as my daughter's mother gets her system set up, I'll be able to help my daughter with her English homework. So cool!


Best always, Richard

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