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Our family portrait.


This was taken on Tuesday, June 30th at Portrait Innovations in Henderson, Nevada.


In this family portrait: Our daughter, Amber (18), my husband, Randy, our son, Kobe (7), me, and our exchange student from Japan, Iori (17). :wub:


Thanks for putting faces with the cast Laura. Good looking family there Id say. Loved the CR shirt you wore.


How was the exchanged student experience...my mom and one cousin do that a lot and really have had great experiences with it. Very rich culturally.

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You're so welcome, Johnhw2.


Glad you like our Costa Rica t-shirts.


Also, you get to see my husband clean shaven, which is rare.


Our high school exchange student experience has been very positive. So far, we have had 2 female high school exchange students from Japan since August 2007 from World Experience.


August 2009, we will have a female high school exchange student from Thailand through AFS.


Our family learns a lot from the students and the students learn a lot from us.


We highly recommend the high school exchange student experience.


Laura K

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That's a great portrait!


I too, noticed the t-shirts right away. Nice touch!


Your 'locks are a bit longer than in your avitar. Are you going to let them get long?


A fellow I work with has been hosting asian students in his home for years. He and his wife just love the experience. He generally prefers the girls over the boys. The young men tend to sew more wild oats than the grils do! :rolleyes:

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I'm so glad you like our Costa Rica t-shirts.


I would like to grow my dreadlocks as long as possible. Eventually, my dreadlocks will be all white but that's OK.


As a family, we also prefer girls over boys when it comes to hosting. Your co-worker is right about the boys.


I'm glad you like our family portrait.


Laura K

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