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Thank you, John.


My husband found this quote on one of the financial websites. I think it's the Financial Sense website.


Laura K

Laura........I like quotes, especially the political ones........heres one for all.......


Government cannot give you something unless they have taken it from someone else........john

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John, well, how about grief? Would this be an exception to the above?


Just thinking out loud to myself....




Paul M.


Grief is caused by the lack of..................?????


Those who write clearly have readers......

Those who write obscurely have commentators......


Better to remain silent and thought a fool than

to speak out and remove all doubt........


Abraham Lincoln........1809-1865

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Here's one I like:


Democracy is the worst possible form of government ...

with the exception of all the others.

Good Quote Shea.......

brings up the fact that the founding fathers formed a republic

"I pledge ALLEGIANCE to the flag, and to the REPUBLIC for

which it stands........we have been coerced into thinking we

are a democracy.....I am not sure what we are but if one

wants to look into the difference between Republic and Democracy......

google will give you many sites to choose from.......


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Wow! This is exactly the reason my husband and I are moving to Costa Rica! It is so nice to hear others saying it out loud! Those quotes are great!! We realize no country is perfect but what is going on in the US...we are sick. I wonder if we will ever see a true Republic in the world ever again?


"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have."

-Thomas Jefferson


Have a great weekend everyone...Costa Rica here we come!


Andy and Barbie

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