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This post appeared March 16, 2004 in another Costa Rica bulletin board. I am re-posting here because it just about sums up why ARCR should be important to you. TG





First off I want to second the good things Alec had to say about Ryan Piercy and the Association of Residents of Costa Rica --- better known as the ARCR. This group

has been around for over fifteen years and is now in the very capable hands of Ryan.


I must admit that I have been negligent in not strongly and consistently recommending membership in this organization for everyone even slightly considering relocating to Costa Rica. Face some reality --- the ARCR performs a vital function for all of us --- but only some of us are dues paying members helping to support their work. The ARCR is not a United States or a Canadian government supported agency, and must have an active membership paying in the money required to pay the rent, salaries for the staff and the many expenses that all organizations have to face each day.


ARCR has the institutional knowledge, the contacts and the access required to accomplish the multifaceted job it performs so well year after year for its members. I wish to point out that all of you non-members riding the bus without putting a dime in the fare box also get to take advantage of what these people accomplish. Sort of like a free ride wouldn't you say?


The ARCR also has a very good track record when forced to approach the Costa Rican Judicial System to seek relief from what they believe to be an incorrect ruling or decision by the government.


When they win and they often do --- everyone wins --- members of ARCR and also the freeloaders!


No private person desiring Costa Rican residency could possibly know all the right people, be able to get into the correct and even the most important offices and have

the up-front knowledge of just how to go about doing what Ryan and his people always do so well.


What I am attempting to say is that --- In My Most Humble Opinion --- I really believe it is long past the time for everybody to begin to support this group. The work done by ARCR benefits almost every one of us and they can certainly use the financial support of more of you who have just been reading of the results of their hard work while riding free on the bus!


To Ryan and the hard working staff at ARCR --- Congratulations on your recent successes, thanks for all the hard work over the years and good luck for the future.


Chuck Leake


Proprietor and Co-Moderator


GalloPinto Cyberspace Discussion Group



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