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"In Costa Rica, it is not uncommon to give coffee to babies (in their bottle, with milk) and to young children. I found this astonishing! Having had the "pleasure" of a two year old a few times in my life, I simply could not imagine a two year old on espresso!"


Thats funny. I don't think I ever got coffee with milk in a bottle but I know I was dunking cheese sandwiches in coffee when I was 5yo. I thought it was just a PR thing...must be all latinos...

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I prefer dunking my cheese sandwich in my hot chocolate since I really don't care for coffee.



There's some pretty darned good coffees in the markets here in CR.


I discovered the brand Tesoros del Sol




which is the only coffee I have ever been able to drink without adding cream & sugar, it is so smooth. It is made high-altitude, shade-grown, organic beans. I can order Tesoros del Sol's coffee in the US online, or I'll buy ten pounds of it while in CR and pack it in my suitcase when I fly home from CR, but then all my clothes smell like coffee for two or three weeks afterwards! (Oh well... Worse things have happened!)


There is also Café Britt which has a very good flavor, but it is quite expensive. You will see it regularly in the groceries here, though.


Maybe you could go half and half with hot chocolate and one of these really good coffees and dunk your cheese sandwich in a cuppa mocha!






Enjoying the finally cooler temps in Alajuela after several nice rainshowers here this week.


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Thank you for the information about Tesdelsol coffee.


My 18 year old daughter loves coffee and I'm sure she will love the Costa Rican coffee.


Half coffee and half hot chocolate is a great idea.


A hot drink drink with a hot cheese sandwich which is used for dipping in the hot drink does sound delicious.


Laura K

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