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http://www.irazuchicago.com/ :)


This is the only Costa Rican restaurant that I could find in the USA.


If you know any of other Costa Rican restaurants in the USA or anywhere outside Costa Rica, please let me know.



Laura, I found the following review of a costa rica restaurant in Houston. I have not been there nor do they seem to have a web page. however here is the name- La Casona Tica Bar & Restaurant.


Houston has a lot of international connections, something like 88 foreign countries have consulate offices here, we have four non stop flights a day to San Jose on Continental airlines and I personally have met a few Costa Ricans here by chance. We have a large latin, asian - vietnese/chinese population here. San Jose is a 3 and a half hour flight from Houston, so keeping the Houston medical center area doctor for my wife's lupus while living in Costa Rica is my plan. In fact, the Doctor, keeps telling me he may make house calls to CR since he has always wanted to see it and heard so much good about it from patients over the years.


Thanks for starting this topic<G>

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Dear John,


You're so welcome.


Thank you for mentioning the Costa Rican restaurant in Houston.


I wish Nevada and California were closer to Costa Rica.


From Las Vegas, it's a 6 hour flight to and from Costa Rica.


My husband, Randy, has met one Costa Rican man so far at his work in California.


I never met a Costa Rican until I visited Costa Rica in June 2007.


Houston sounds like an exciting city.


Going to Houston for your wife's medical care is a great idea.


Laura K

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With Spirit flying to FLL you'd be mere minutes from TWO CAN TICO in nearby Hollywood, Florida . . .


Maybe I can find a phone number for it so we can verify that it is still in business and its hours.


There are no Tico restaurants in Tampa or its environs, but I had heard that there was one on Fllorida's east coast; maybe that one is the one that I heard about.


Then if you could find one of those super-cheapo flights on Spirit from LV to FLL, a visit would be doable...


OTOH, in Tampa we do have a tico grocery store. It's called Tico Y Marisol and I can get CR coffee in he bean that they fly in a couple times per month to the store and they also sell quart bottles of Salsa Lizano!


= = =


UPDATE: This place appears to be a bar/nightclub, but very popular. What I can find by doing a Google search using its name, is that its menu consists of bar food, burgers, sandwiches, etc. There is no mention of gallo pinto, alas! There is a phone number that pops up, (954) 925-8810, so you could call ahead if you expect to be in the area. It literally is but minutes from Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Airport, though.


BTW, Spirit flies non-stop onward to SJO daily from FLL, if you really need a gallo pinto fix...




Paul M.


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I'm a long time CR resident, a former restaurant owner and director of the National Restaurant Association, and a serious "foodie". Although I like Costa Rican food, the food here (comida tipica) is for the most part rather plain, simple and unimaginative. It's hard for me to imagine how you could operate a successful Costa Rican restaurant in the States. What would you put on the menu? There are only so many things you can do with gallo pinto and Salsa Lizano.


That's why almost all the good restaurants in CR feature international cuisine - Italian, French, Asian, etc. Even Ticos don't eat Costa Rican food when they dine out.


There are notable exceptions (for example, the Afro-Carribean food in Limon province) but, in my opinion, a Costa Rican restaurant in the US wouldn't be very successful.

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Just a word to say, we flew Spirit, San Jose-Ft. Lauderdale, this week after conferring with Paul M, in the big seats, and would recommend them to anyone. You are required to pay for all food & drinks plus any luggage with the exception of your carry on pieces but the prices were good.

We did find a small supermarket in Tampa, when we went over to a Winery in St. Petersburg, that sold 'Tico type food'. We passed... :rolleyes:

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We did find a small supermarket in Tampa, when we went over to a Winery in St. Petersburg, that sold 'Tico type food'.

Glad you had a good experience on Spirit, CRF.


The only decent thing to eat inflight is the pack of almonds and cashews with pretzel-nuts. (That goes well with a gin Bloody Mary.) Of course all their eats & drinks are for sale, plastic-only, onboard...


Now I am curious as to which grocery you found in Tampa... Was it Tico Y Marisol, the one that I mentioned before? I don't ever remember them having prepared (tico) food, just meats, fruits, veggies, and canned good, etc. ...the usual grocery store stuff, but with Salsa Lizano available cheap.




Paul M.


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Paul M, it was over near one of the many 'Days Inn', which of course are all over Tampa! Can't remember exactly which one, though, sorry! Funny, that you can take your bottled/container drinks, bought in the boarding area in the USA but not departing from Costa Rica...

We took 'snacks' with us, but didn't need them!

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