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Real Estate Lenders In Guanacaste

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You will have to go to the local banks where they may consider loaning you funds at a high interest rate, but don't hold your breath! Do you presently live in Costa Rica?

Is there a house on the property? Or would you require funding for that as well?



We are moving back to Costa Rica in June. We own a business near Tamarindo. My wife is a Tica born and raised in Tamarindo. Her whole family lives in that area.


My mother in law currently has a home loan through Banco National. My wife used to work for that bank. We heard they were not loaning due to the economy.


I have descent verifiable income through Social Security and VA disability benefits plus the business is making money.


There is a small Tico house in good condition on the property. We will slowly construct our new house with our own funds as business profits permit.

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Hi Lee:


You may want to try these people (based in Brasilito and USA). I don't know if they lend on Fincas, but it's worth a try. They have done a home loan and condo loan for a couple of our clients. Buena suerte!



"No Life Ins. Requirement


Not A C.R Bank , U.S Processing




Please Contact

In Costa Rica In the U.S


Philip Eitman Vinnie Alvarez


pemortgage@gmail.com vinmortgage@gmail.com



C.R cell 8361-1000 U.S. 973-256-5777

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