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Who would you vote for TODAY!  

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I thought it might be fun to test the political waters.


This should be a VERY accurate Poll because nobody can vote more than one time.


Participate! Cast your vote as though the election would be held today.


Your vote is totally confidential. We do not see who votes for whom.


You do not have to be a US citizen to vote.


I KNOW, there a zillion other candidates, but to keep this simple, I am lumping the others into Other.


Feel free to post your thoughts also!


To see the results you must vote. Once you vote, you cannot vote again.



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I am not a big fan of Bush but I believe that Kerry is the worst person that could be elected president. As a Vietnam combat veteran, I have serious concerns about his 4 month tour and three purple hearts. Perhaps his unit had lower standards but my Army infantry unit would have laughed at "band-aid" wounds being awarded a purple heart. I have also read the reports of kerrys silver star award and again I say, perhaps the Navy had different standards, but this joker is not a hero in my opinion. He is NOT the type of person who I wish to lead this country. But, hey, I'm wanting to move to CR to get away from creeps like kerry and even Bush. I wish to forget all about politics and enjoy a good life and good beer!



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To see the results you must vote. 

Ah, not true! Log in first as a Guest and you will see them! ;)


...And only 6 people so far, jeez! Try changing the poll subject to something more suitable like "Favorite Costa Rican Beers" ...I'd wager you'd have a much better response rate!



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Ahhh Kristina!


How annoying!


You have discovered a FLAW in my beloved Forums... and I cannot come up with a clever fix! YET!


And you are correct on your second comment as well! Why is it that folks seem far more interested in discussing beer than discussing a presidential election.


Never mind... I know the answer :)



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Well, I voted here and I will do so in November in spite of the fact there really is no choice. The next "puppet" has already been preordained by our friendly central bankers and the NWO(new world order).


Bush vs. Kerry, what a joke. Unfortunately, I'm not laughing.


In the event the prepolls are not going as scheduled, expect to see Osama thawed out sometime in October. If that doesn't sway the polls expect another "event" that will initiate Martial Law. ie., there won't be an election. Somehow I question if we really had one last time.


No offense to anyone...this is a political thread, is it not?



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I started this poll exactly so folks CAN say what they think, so feel free to vent. The only thing NOT allowed is personal attacks on people who state their opinions.


Personally, I am getting so tired of not having ANY candidate about whom I can get excited.


For the past several elections, I seem to vote for whomever I feel can do the least harm. Somehow, that doesn't seem right.


In fact, I think I may have a workable idea... for me!


If I vote Democratic, I make sure I vote Republican for the house and senate seats!


If I vote Republican, I do the opposite!


This way, nobody can do too much damage.


I doubt this actually works, but it drives folks crazy when I say it :)



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