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2 yr search...paradise found....paradise lost....bummer

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I am major bummed.


I started looking for property/house to buy in Costa Rica in August of 2006. I made several trips to various parts of the country considering landscape, convenience, climate and proximity to fishing. After many trips I decided that the San Ramon area was a close fit...Not perfect, but close...Perfect climate, but really too far away from any coast with the exception of Puntarenas....but Puntarenas is not really a good destination for offshore fishing....I concluded that since I currently drive 1.5 hours to fish, that San Ramon was no worse than that and I would certainly enjoy the city and climate when not fishing....so San Ramon it was..Bought a beautiful piece of property in a place called Rio Jesus...Signed the contract, gave the owner partial payment with a contingency contract for remaining balance upon installation of water and electricity. After 14 months of waiting the owner/developer was gracious enough to give me my deposit back as he could not get the proper permits through I believe its called MINAE...seems as if he had to install some culverts to cross a dry drain and he did not get the proper permits and they would not give them to him.....


So June of '08 and I am back to square one.


My first trip to CR was to the mountainous area just west of Carmona on the southern end of the Nicoya P...I really liked the area as far as beauty goes, but remote it was....too remote...closest services were really in Nicoya and major pain to get to the beaches from the Cerro Azul mountain range....


I also looked in Parrita, which I liked but couldn't find anything that fit the bill pricing wise. I looked at Plantanillo area and same...beatiful property at huge prices.


So I decided to look again on the Nicoya P.


I was in CR last week and found a very near perfect spot in Playa Giones....Yes, the climate is hot but the house was perfect in a perfect area with the exception of heat and the house has ac...no big deal.


The owner had recently died and supposedly the paperwork had just been or was just about to be cleared up and transferred to his surviving daughter....I emailed the real estate lady on Monday asking her a few questions and such and she emailed me back yesterday telling me the property now has a contract.......


I am starting over again it seems.....writing this is my therapy....



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All I can say to you is consider yourself lucky!! You are one of probably few that do get their money back after a deal like that. The MINAE is very strict, and strict they should be about letting developments and homes go where they are not suppose to because of the effects on the enviroment and ecology here in CR. I know of a well known person here in Grecia that has a plot of land they are still selling and trying to "develop" even after over two years of getting denied water from the muni and now have MINNAE involved. They have hired an engineer to help them but still no water and they advertise "all utilities in". This makes me so frustrated and really gives real estate in Cr a bad name. Shady people and real estate equals big problems here. This same company is the one I deal with unfortunately and bought a property that did not have water at the property line like they said it did and it did not have the permits in place like they also said. Tons of leg work on my part and now all is well after one year here.


Good luck to you on finding your slice of CR though.

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