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Yesterday, I ordered this audio CD from the Amazon website:



Before ordering the CD, I listened to the samples of the songs and I like the songs a lot.


I do recommend this CD.


The CD should arrive in time for our trip to Costa Rica from February 17th to February 28th.


I will bring this CD to Costa Rica with me. Update: We leave for Costa Rica tonight and the CD won't be here on time to take to Costa Rica with me...next trip to Costa Rica, for sure.


Please feel free to recommend any other CDs with music from Costa Rica. :D

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Please feel free to recommend any other CDs with music from Costa Rica. :D

Laura, enjoy your trip here :).


If you ride the local buses around San Jose at all, you'll probably encounter the hawkers who are either promoting a religious group or selling products. One thing you could try, if you want to chance about ¢2000, is to buy a CD of "rancheras", traditional songs of Costa Rica and other Latin American countries. I haven't bought one because I'd rather discourage people from coming on the buses and yelling, but I have to admit the price is right. They could very well be blank CDs for all I know, but I doubt it - the hawkers usually give one free to the driver in exchange for the access to a bus-full of captive audience. They would be out of business fast if the CDs were unplayable.





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Sorry, but the pedant in me requires that I inject this comment: It seems to me that it would be misleading to recommend Musica Ranchera as being connected to Costa Rica (by any sort of tradition) to one not familiar with Latin Music in general. Actually, Ranchera Music is traditional only to Northern Mexico, and has been adopted by other Latin cultures, the cowboys of Guanacaste included.

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