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Are there adult soccer leagues for females (especially females with no soccer experience but still want to play soccer) anywhere in Costa Rica? I'm trying to join a soccer league here in Henderson, Nevada, USA (co-ed) before moving to Costa Rica in 2010.


A woman's soccer team would be great even though I would prefer co-ed. :wub:

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I know most small towns have a few different leagues throughout the year. I have a number of female friends that live in Quepos and they play soccer against the various small towns around Quepos. They also have men's leagues as well. I am not sure about co-ed. The best option would be to ask around in the town you decide to live in when you settle here. Even if it is mid-season, the way things are in CR, it probably would not be a problem. It is way to early to plan for 2010, at least for a soccer league. Most Ticos don't know what they are going to do 5 min from now let alone 2010 :D That is why it is no nice to live in CR.

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This will corroborate the previous reply somewhat, but I was nosing around and found the sites on Google, so...


There is women’s soccer in Costa Rica, tho it seems to be mostly played in rural areas. But that sounds like it would be right up your alley.


Here are a couple links I found that relate to CR women’s soccer:


Women’s Soccer in Rural Costa Rica



women’s soccer competitions





¡Puras Pelotas!


Paul M.


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steeltown23 and Paul,


My husband and decided that we would like to live near the beach so we're now considering Nosara as a place to live.


Thank you both for the information about soccer in Costa Rica.


Playing pick up games can be just as much fun as being on a soccer team.


Yes, the laid back lifestyle is the great thing about Costa Rica.


Laura K

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Update: I have been playing on a co-ed soccer team since March 2009. Before this time, I never played soccer in my life. It's a lot of fun.


The next season of adult co-ed soccer here in the USA where I live begins September 2009.


Looking forward to playing soccer (co-ed or womens; organized or pick-up games) in Costa Rica in 2010.

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