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I have been in stronger earthquakes, but this was certainly the most violent. What I have experienced before were more the rolling type, like being in a boat. This was a shaker. Very unsettling indeed.


LOL! This was my first "major" earthquake and I described it to my worried family up north as "like being on a boat".


Once I realized that I was probably not in danger I found it to be soothing. (I miss boating greatly)


My son said he'd rather be in a hurricane but I found this experience to be far less terrifying.



Condolences to all those who lost family and friends.

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Thanks to the posting here, I learned of the earthquake near my home in Santa Barbara. I just finished a telephone call from my home here in Richmond to CR, and my daughter, Brandy, and her mother are fine. No electricity or water, but everybody okay. My daughter's mother did say that Brandy was nervous all afternoon. Heck, I'd be nervous too!! Best to all, Richard

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Good update on www.insidecostarica.com


On a lighter side, I bet Andy Browne is getting some video that he didn't expect, but hope they are both safe!


Hey CRF;

Andy and Fran are supposed to be here in Playa Hermosa tomorrow, will be interesting to see what they experienced...


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This was our first experience with a earthquake, it was definitely a weird feeling. At first i thought i had vertigo. Then we realized what was happening. Our home is close to Guapiles and our car was bouncing off the ground. Our tico friends were here and they were shaken also. We compared the feeling in your stomach as to being on a boat in the BIG waves also to our family and friends. I am just thankful that all of you are ok. We are praying for the families that have been affected. All i can say is WOW. It has taken me until today to feel almost back to normal.

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