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Shea - if you have been looking at the benefits of coconut oil for that long -- have you used it? I haven't and now I am really curious. What is it like? Does it smell like coconut? What does it taste like? Is it clear; light or some color? Does it hold up to high heat? All this talk about coconut oil makes me want to go out and try it just to see what it's about!


Eleanor, to answer your question about the taste, I have a friend who switched to coconut oil, I used to eat at her house all the time, and the taste is fantastic. She used it for her rice and beans (not to be confused with THE rice and beans from Limón, which is made with coconut milk, but I don't know if it is made w/ coconut oil or not) and it was a wonderful taste. Of course "coconuty" but it did not make the dish "sweet". It is clear in liquid form, but goes to solid at a higher temperature than other oils, I think I've read around 75*F, but I might be wrong about that. My friend also uses it topically and says it is great for the skin and has healing benefits, but I don't know details about that.

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There are numerous studies showing huge benefits for using coconut oil. If you google mercola.com and using the site search look up coconut oil and several articles will be listed. At the end of those articles will be references to research that you can pursue further. Mercola.com is the top rated and most well read natural health website in the world.

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Does anyone know where I could buy a gallon of coconut oil? I've checked around Nicoya in the Macrobioticas and other places but it doesn't seem to be available.





I am selling coconut oil.


I live in the central valley in Grecia and I get my oil from the Caribbean coast.


This oil is hand made, pure organic, cold pressed and the best there is.


I sell various sizes.


If interested, please email me at: judyscoconutoil@gmail.com.


I will be in Escazu on January 4th at 11:30. I will give you further details if you email me.

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