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Import taxes on Scooter's

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I would suggest that you do one of two things: contact a U. S. Customs Broker near you (if you are exporting something like this from the states, you may well end up using one of these experts anyway), or do some serious googling - CR, import taxes, motorized scooters, etc.

OK, three things: also, you could try to contact a Costa Rican mover/moving company - not to be confused with a mover in the states/Canada, who says he can affect a move to Costa Rica, but an actual business operating from Costa Rica).

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Thank you.

Remember, your import duty will be based upon C-I-F, plus perhaps the age of the scooters...


And C-I-F = cost + insured amount + freight.


I got this info from Charlie Zeller at the ARCR Seminar.


People often are not aware that Customs adds on the shipping amount and the insured value to the cost of the item when figuring the dutiable amount.




Paul M.


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Thanx M/D,


I wasn't sure how to couch that part of the CIF charge.


Your language is more clear.


YW Paul,


After having been cursed to work in both insurance and shipping a couple of times each I learned that 'insured amount' means the 'value' of the insured item.

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