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Costa Rican Mortgage Questions...


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i see u attack every new poster


i think the term is cyber bully and i don't know why no one has stood up to u b4


u obviously have too much time on your hands and a chip on your shoulder


u do not impress me as any kind of financial expert and these are obviously ur opinions


u have provided nothing factual to substaniate any of it but u insist on being right


ppl do not like having others opinions shoved down their throats


the purpose of this board is not to attack other members,but to try and provide useful info that may be helpful to others


i do not see ur motive as being helpful,quite the contrary,if what u have to offer is not constructive then i suggest that u keep it to urself


if u like to argue so much then i suggest u find a different forum than this one.

"i have not applied for a loan w/anyone yet in c r "


Well I suggest that you do before you try to tell others what it takes to get a loan in Costa Rica.

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"i have not applied for a loan w/anyone yet in c r "


Well I suggest that you do before you try to tell others what it takes to get a loan in Costa Rica.

La Nacion of yesterday, 28 october - 9 out of 10 construction projects in Guanacaste are shut down (20,000 workers unemployed), with the expectation that in a couple of months an additional 40,000 workers unemployed (total=60,000 just in construction). Reason? No loans/credit to anyone!! If you can believe this, the president of the Central Bank claims that absolutely no relationship exists between unemployment and lack of money from loans!!! Wht do we do with a bunch of desperate people with no jobs? Dramatic Increase in crime!! This situation is absolutely the most serious I have ever experienced in my life. And, still no TLC out of the Assemblea - which will only intensify the crisis to epic proportions!! I'm not sure how anyone is going to be able to ride this out!!

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A very scary thought, and I hope to hell you're wrong, Newman. 'Cause if you're right, CR won't be a very nice place for gringos pretty soon.

Very scary considering that I wrote this before becoming aware of the assault of the three young ladies, followed by the summary execution of one of them! And, the head of the police forces still considers organized futbol games and social reintegration is the solution to the problems with these animals!!!

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I received an official looking email from Banco General (Panama)saying they

purchased all of Citibank's dollar mortgages. It goes on to give instructions

as to how to pay my future mortgage payments.


The ways include, going into CR Banco General offices, continue paying Citibank

until the end of the year, or transferring funds into Banco General accounts at

several CR banks.


Can someone confirm this is real? Seems like a damn good scam to pull; getting

people to transfer money into a fake account. I think this is real, but some

proof other than an email would be a good thing.


Please reply with some sort of proof that passes the smell test.

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