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are physical therapists in short supply in rural CR?

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Retirement in the beautiful country of CR could come sooner for me if there existed the possibility of part-time employment in my profession as a physical therapist. I agree that in any country, foreigners should not take jobs that can be filled by natural citizens yet I know in some countries physcial therapists are in very short supply. My internet searches reveal no home health agencies in CR. Any information will help.

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I know a friend of mine, is a physical therapist and she 'helped by volunteering' at a teaching hospital somewhere in San Jose. She has residente status here, so can work. She later on had to utilize these services herself, and they did go to her home. So some services are available.

But, you cannot work here until you can obtain this residente status after getting rentista or pensionada status first then waiting another few years, unless you were lucky enough to obtain a work visa which is very difficult to get. You can open your own 'clinic' and hire local staff to perform the actual therapy.

There are lots of competent medical staff here.

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