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As usual, I'm totally confused when it comes to politicians and, as Ross Perot labeled those others, "The Masters of the Universe"! The United States has been working for years on developing fusion energy! I've seen on telelvision where the US is now working iun France, of all places, on the electromagnetic confinement system for the fusion reaction!! I know for a fact that the US has spent many millions of dollars on an "ignition facility", and I believe it is located in New England? If we took some of the billions of dollars that are being diverted by unscrupulous operators in the Persian Gulf region, and used that money for the development of a commercial fusion reactor, we ccould develop this source of energy, create hydrogen to fuel all our vehicles, have unlimited power for several thousands of years, therby allowing the human race to get on with other important matters!! I am appalled that in this election year, we are talking about increasing oil drilling, which, at our rate of consumption, would only postpone the inevitable depletion of these resources in a few years!!

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